Bailey Island


n Inn different from any you have known with its unexcelled ocean front location on the outermost island in Casco Bay. Driftwood is the oldest Inn on Bailey Island and has been in continuous operation for over 100 years. Our three acres offer space for relaxation, sun, and cool sea breezes. Bailey Island is
two and a half miles long by one half mile wide, with a variety of picturesque views and breathtaking sunsets.

With a few exceptions, such as Mackerel Cove, you can't get a good look at the interesting things on Bailey Island from paved roads. We recommend the views from our three porches and from the windows of our dining room overlooking Little Harbor. Depending on wind and tide, there may be surf you are likely to remember. Lobstermen work these waters - and if you've ever been in a lobster boat, you'll know why we call it work. We serve the results of
such efforts on most evenings at dinner. A variety of vessels pass, including sail boats,
lobster and tuna boats.

Our invigorating air makes walking fun, so try a walk along the shoreline. On your way from Route 24 to Driftwood Inn, you passed a small, Episcopal Chapel at a bend in the paves road. This stands near an unpaved road leading downhill to the Giant Stairs. As you approach the ocean, you can see huge masses of rock between footpath and surf. There is a path so that you
can descend and look at little tide pools or think about the visible effects of
storm driven waves on the rocks. Footing is treacherous, so please be careful! You may want to continue southward along the footpath until you come to a sizable boulder resting on a concrete platform. This boulder bears
a bronze plate acknowledging the gift
of the "Giant Stairs" property and path
to the town by Captain Henry Sinnett. For those of you who are unaware of what they are and why they have the name they do, the Stairs are giant boulders going down to the sea. An unmarked path can be found in the bushes leading back to the main road, but since the footpath has never been leveled, retracing your steps back would be the safest route...for you and your clothing :) After such and exploratory trek, you are likely to find other kinds of places to go on foot. This is the only one along the shoreline.


Restaurants, Sites and Activities

Cook's Restaurant
68 Garrison Cove Road
Bailey Island, Maine 04003

Land's End Giftshop
2391 Harpswell Islands Road
Bailey Island, ME 04003
(207) 833-2313

The Fishnet Cafe
2118 Harpswell Islands Rd
Bailey Island, ME 04003

Salt Cod Cafe
1894 Harpswell Islands Rd
Orr's Island, ME 04066
(207) 833-6210

Dolphin Marina & Restaurant
515 Basin Point
Harpswell, ME 04079
(207) 833-6000

The Cribstone Bridge

Giant Stairs

Mackerel Cove

Sports Fishing Charters and Sightseeing Trips with Capt. Jay L. McGowen : (207) 833-6054
E-mail: harpswellfishing@yahoo.com

Atlantic Seal Cruises to Admiral Peary's Eagle Island
(207) 865-6112

Sea Escape Charters with Captain Les McNelly
(207) 833-5531
E-mail: seaesc@mail.gwi.net

H20 Outfitters, Sea Kayaking Tours and Instruction
(207) 833-5257

Monhegan Island Ferry Puffin Watches

There is a Casco Bay ferry boat called the Island Romance that departs from Portland at 10am for Cooks Lobster House wharf just before noon. There, you can board the ferry at noon for a Bailey Island Nature Cruise around Casco Bay. The ferry returns to the landing around 2pm before returning to Portland. You can buy sandwiches and drinks on the ferry.